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Musician, Composer, Educator

Works for Concert Band

Adventum  (Grade 3)   CATEGORIES: Holiday, Opener, Closer

This piece captures the anticipation, arrival, and celebration of the holidays through the use of sacred and secular carols alike.  The piece opens with a quiet setting of "O Come, O Come Emmanuel," then continues with a colorful and energetic rendition of the "Ukrainian Bell Carol" before drawing to an exciting conclusion against a cacophony of ringing bells.

Published by Alfred Music

Performed at the 2013 Midwest Clinic, Grisham Middle School Honors Band.

Ascent  (Grade 3)   CATEGORIES: Opener, Closer

Featuring an energetic, almost always ascending melodic line, this engaging piece provides ensembles with a great flourish for the opening or closing of a concert program.

This piece was completed in January 2016 and was premiered by the North Iowa Concert Band in April 2016, under the direction of John Klemas.  Preview Recording

Beyond the Summit  (Grade 3-3.5)   CATEGORIES: Opener, Closer, Programmatic, Festival, Contest

A musical adventure sure to stir up images of some of nature's most majestic landscapes and mountain ranges!  The journey begins with a majestic call and response theme divided among the sections, chasing after one another.  Eventually, a lighter, yet driving theme appears, signifying the discovery of a breathtaking view at the summit.  The piece takes off once again, building all the way to the end, hinting that the adventure continues, or perhaps begins, Beyond the Summit.

J.W. Pepper Editors' Choice, Stanton's Sheet Music Five Star Feature

Beyond Trodden Paths  (Grade 3)  CATEGORIES: Overture, Programmatic, Festival, Contest

The pioneering spirit is captured in this original concert overture.  The adventure begins as a subdued call of the unknown beckons, giving way to lyrical, triumphant melody accompanied by driving percussion.  The piece transitions to a quiet, pastoral melody, reflecting the beauty of the open plains.  The unknown horizon calls again and builds into a soaring statement of the opening theme, leading to an energetic conclusion.

Performed at the 2023 South Dakota Middle School All-State Band Festival.

Commissioned by the Platte-Geddes High School Band, Platte, South Dakota, Jeff Patzlaff, Director.

Cattle Drive!  (Grade 4)   CATEGORIES: Programmatic, Closer

Work on this programmatic suite for concert band began in the fall of 2006, and was completed in August 2007.  The suite consists of three movements:

I. Roundup & Departure - Preview Recording
II. Nightfall - Preview Recording
III. Daybreak & Journey Onward - Preview Recording

This piece was premiered in November 2007 by the North Iowa Concert Band, under the direction of John Klemas.

Forever Loyal  (Grade 2.5)   CATEGORIES: Lyrical, Closer

Beginning with echoes from the school’s alma mater, “Newman Loyalty,” Forever Loyal honors Newman High School’s 60-year history from dream to reality, and beyond.  The main melody of the piece begins as a simple, reflective tune, but it soon begins to evolve, always building with confidence and excitement.  The melody eventually finds its way “home” again, leading to a triumphant final melodic statement from the alma mater: “Newman High, loyal to thee, sing we now thy song of praise!”

This piece is dedicated to the current and former students, teachers, and staff of Newman Catholic Schools with much gratitude.

Performed at the 2022 Iowa Bandmasters Association Conference.

Commissioned by the Newman High School Band, Mason City, Iowa, Mary Kate Hines, Director.

Freedom's March  (Grade 3)   CATEGORIES:  Concert March, Closer

The energy and pride of the American spirit is captured in this short-form 6/8 concert march. This early work was premiered in 2003 by the Newman High School Band. A revised version of the piece was premiered by the 2005 North Iowa Concert Band.  Preview Recording

Hymn of Heroes  (Grade 4)   CATEGORIES: Patriotic, Lyrical

This piece began as a simple, somber melody in the days following September 11th, 2001, and was left at that for quite some time.  However, in the weeks, months, and years that followed, different events brought new bouts of inspiration and development for the work; it is the result of reflection and hope for the future.  This piece is dedicated to those who have served as first responders, and members of the armed forces.  

This piece was premiered by the North Iowa Concert Band in April 2012, under the direction of John Klemas.  Preview Recording

In the Bleak Midwinter  (Grade 2)   CATEGORIES: Holiday, Lyrical, Tone Poem

This uniquely expressive, yet simple setting of the traditional hymn tune by Gustav Holst includes an original recurring interlude and bridge section to depict the evocative first stanza in Christina Rossetti's classic Christmas poem.  Just as the original text concludes with a simple, moving verse, this arrangement also concludes with a quiet, meditative final statement of the main melody.  Preview Recording

Intrepid Cadets  (Grade 1)   CATEGORIES: Opener, Closer, Festival, Contest

Brimming with excitement from the opening measures, this bold piece gives each section of the band opportunities to shine, while also challenging them to expand their playing ranges and their understanding of accidentals.  The contrasting middle section of the piece also provides young players the opportunity to play with expressive phrasing and dynamics.

This piece will be published by Alfred Music in 2024.

Commissioned for the 2022 Rushmore Music Camp Cadet Band, Jeff Patzlaff, Director.

Journey of the Magi  (Grade 2.5)   CATEGORIES: Holiday, Programmatic, Opener, Closer

A sense of wonder, intrigue, and adventure are all captured in this unique setting of two traditional Wise Men carols.  The journey begins with a reflective, somewhat mysterious minor arrangement of "What Star is This?," which eventually gives way to an exciting, driving setting of "We Three Kings."  The piece builds to a climax with the majestic return of "What Star is This?" in its traditional major key.

Published by Alfred Music

The Lost Temple  (Grade 3)   CATEGORIES: Programmatic, Closer, Festival, Contest

The Lost Temple captures the mystique of ancient legends, lost treasures, and adventures into the unknown.  A quiet, lyrical melody opens the piece, eventually giving way to a driving adventure theme.  A sense of calm and wonder emerges, but dangers soon reveal themselves.  The heroic theme emerges once again, leading to a triumphant ending.

Published by Alfred Music
Performed at the 2017 Midwest Clinic, Arbor Creek Middle School Honors Band.
J.W. Pepper Editors' Choice, Stanton's Sheet Music Five Star Feature, Bandworld Top 100
Commissioned by the Clear Lake Middle School Band, Clear Lake, Iowa, Tammy Aberson-Hansen, Director.

Opera-esque  (Grade 3.5)   CATEGORIES: Concert March, Classical, Closer

This piece was commissioned by the Wartburg College Concert Bands, in honor of Dr. Robert E. Lee, Director of Bands Emeritus.  Dr. Lee's appreciation for both marches and opera was well known, in particular his appreciation for the music from the opera Lohengrin, by Richard Wagner.  This lighthearted, traditional march incorporates moments of "drama" by offering brief quotations of themes from Lohengrin, including snippets from "Prelude to Act Three," and "Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral.”

Commissioned by the Wartburg College Concert Bands, in honor of Dr. Robert E. Lee, Director of Bands Emeritus.

Our Brightest Days  (Grade 2.5)   CATEGORIES: Concert March

This traditional 6/8 march was commissioned for the 2016 Wartburg College  in honor of the camp's 20th anniversary.  Preview Recording

Commissioned by the Wartburg College Summer Band Camp, Dr. Craig A. Hancock, Director.

Spearfish Canyon  (Grade 2.5)   CATEGORIES: Overture, Programmatic, Opener, Closer, Festival, Contest

From the bold chords of the opening statement to the lush, shifting harmonic progressions, this piece captures the grandeur of this South Dakota canyon's majestic mountains, and the winding waters of Spearfish Creek.  A serene, lyrical theme emerges to depict the breathtaking views of the valleys from the mountain trails.  A call of the opening theme builds across the ensemble, signaling a return to the trek, and leading the canyon adventure to an exciting close.

Published by Alfred Music

J.W. Pepper Editors' Choice, Stanton's Sheet Music Five Star Feature

Teaching Music through Performance in Band, Volume 12

To Build a Dream  (Grade 1)   CATEGORIES: Fanfare, Opener, Closer, Festival, Contest

This fanfare for young band celebrates the spirit of creation from the moment of inspiration to the celebration of completion.  The piece begins with a flourish depicting the "aha!" moment of inspiration, followed by a strong theme of determination and perseverance.  A reflective theme appears halfway through, before giving way to the main theme once again, this time in a spirit of celebration.

Published by Alfred Music
J.W. Pepper Editors' Choice
Commissioned by the Algona 5th & 6th Grade Bands, Algona, Iowa, Dianne Aboud, Director.

To Light  (Grade 3)   CATEGORIES: Lyrical

This reflective piece explores a path through the complex emotions of loss and uncertainty to a place of peace and resolution.  The melody is constantly evolving and expanding, exploring a variety of instrumental colors and shifting tonal centers to travel through transparent moments of calm and wonder to a soaring, triumphant climax.  The quiet theme of wonder returns one more time in the end, however, this time the theme has a sense of peace about it as it ascends to a final resolution.
Published by Alfred Music

Commissioned in memory of Colton Johnson by Holly Prier Lloyd and the Emmetsburg High School Band, Emmetsburg, Iowa, Mary O'Connell, Director.

Treasure Quest  (Grade 1)   CATEGORIES: Opener, Closer, Programmatic

With the musical call of, "Land, ho!" echoing across the band, the tale of pirates, buried treasure, and battle is underway!  Written in rondo form, a strong, driving pirate theme serves as the main theme throughout the piece, surrounding two contrasting sections: a serene treasure theme introduced by the woodwinds, and a "battle" across the band, featuring the percussion section.

Published by Alfred Music

J.W. Pepper Editors' Choice


Choral Works

God, My Shepherd (SATB)

God, My Shepherd began as a simple church hymn, but was soon arranged for full choir, with piano, violin, and clarinet accompaniment.  The piece is based on the Gospel story of "The Good Shepherd," John 10.

The choral arrangement of the piece was premiered by members of the Wartburg College Class of 2007, in May of 2007.

Psalm 111: How Great are the Works of the Lord

This musical setting of Psalm 111 (vs. 1-2, 3-4, 5-6) was written for a special Mass in the fall of 2013.  It is written for solo voice and piano, with optional chorus, guitar, and bass.